( Pinball + Billiard ) / Tetris

BOX OFFICES is the new type box action puzzle game
which works with iPad™, iPhone®, iPod touch®.
Available on the App Store.
Price for iPad drops to FREE since Apr 4, 2012.

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  • Flick the box in the green line

  • The boxes slide periodically. In each slide, the box size in the green line expands
    and the color changes to the next one.
    Wait the box of the expected color, and flick the box to launch into the game field.
    You will be profitable to clear by waiting the expanded large box as possible.
    But when the size of the box reaches to the green line, it will be launched
    automatically (Limiter Release). Take care that the unexpected box will not be launched.

  • Hit the same boxes to break

  • When the box hits the same type of the box, the large box absorbs and merges small one (TOB).
    The box breaks if the size is over the capacity (7.5 times a minimum size on the launcher).
    The red guide line appears around the box when the size is close to the break size.

  • Break all boxes in the field to clear

  • You can clear the stage by breaking all boxes in the field.

  • Game Over

  • In each slide of the box launcher, the ceiling of the field is falling down a little.
    The game is over if the ceiling height is under the remaining box height in the field.
    When you break the box, the ceiling will be pushed up. Use this rule for your survival.

    Open Entertainment Development Project

    Sep 27, 2010 Launched
    To develop this game as brand new entertainment with you,
    Released program code of this application.
    By your derivative work from this source code,

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    Aug 29, 2011 Released
    BOX OFFICES Family by this open source

    VN BOX

    Produced by @TAK_VN




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    Sketch / August Report

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